Lovely mutant cauliflower

by This frilly ape

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I already felt alive, you know? I don't know either when it was. Maybe I have dreamt of all this? This is all lost in history. It’s stuck in my head : ideals that are no more... There's a lot of work to do, now. It's burying me, I swim in it. I can endure everything : it's stuck in my head, that is what matters. I'm happy to be so tired : this is my new reason for being. I will have to pay my sleep debt one of these days, isn't it? Out of their depth, they whistle and are not airtight : pus is weeping from my wagging glands! Hey, slow please! I'm having a rest... Squeeze my juice, squeeze my juice, drain me! Hurry while there is! Squeeze my juice ; my eyes tighten. And now... The feeling fades away, feeling fades away! I feel so old... The feeling fades away, it's fading away! Work increases... I feel worn out. I feel worn out... Squeeze my juice! I'm afraid there is nothing left... I'm worn out! Squeeze my juice, squeeze my juice, drain me! Hurry while there is... Squeeze my juice ; my eyes are tightening. Sweat stings my cracks! A feverish shiver... Slowly, my hair is falling ; I can't see it but it seems the case. Can we get more from such a paltry vein? I writhe in pain! A bloody worm being crushed... I yap with pleasure ; my eyes expel. Squeeze my asthma, don't waste time!
Yeah... you could build a family, enroll to university, or you could put money aside for your retirement. That's never how it's gonna be... You're staying in front of your PC. Oh... you could make plans to build your house, or play your brand new six string guitar. You could have built a family, or take a job, take a trip. That's never how it's gonna be... You're staying in front of your PC. Yeah... "I don't want to miss opportunities. I don't want to miss my life. Think about it... 'We should learn it at school', I tell to myself... But Hey! It's OK : meanwhile, I go on Facebook... 'I want to do my best because all I wish deep within me is making progress'. I want more, full of things, I don't want to be bored stiff. Think about it... 'Stop biting your nails', I tell to myself! But Hey! Here I am on facebook... It's OK. Hey! Here I am on..."
Release 00:36
Knead me 06:13
I feel like a dry rubber band whose tendons are crackling, this night... It's a bone-chilling cold ; I have to get up, with pale lights around. In these bedclothes, my body doesn't suffer any ill-timed ties. I don't like my apartment anymore ; I prefer daydream without worry. My phone vibrates : I'm getting a hard-on. I'm awake now : I feel lonely, and I need to feel loved, tightly packed. I have some projects, but I am only dreaming about them.
"- I want no war news... unless they concern me. But wherever I am, I am searching for crusty gossips! - We want the best school for our children, and the biggest car. We want clean streets ; a hundred percent safety. We want no danger : only safe barbecues. We want our retirement as soon as we are 43. - I'm just frightened of being boring... Don't flee me! I do not want to be the jerk that gets cheated. I want to be loved, and I want you all respect me. - We don't want to be hurt : we just want to live! We don't want to work : we just want to be free! We don't want taxes : we want our rights, now! Give us our rights! We need our rights NOW! - I want my slice of cake, and I will not bear any funny looks at me. - Think about your country... Think about your family, yeah! You cannot let them do that! They are crooks, but I've got it all, yeah! Sure you should vote for this guy : he could become the root of all evils. Me, myself, my, I... Listen, trust me! Release yourself! We need a scapegoat... Release yourself! They're rotten to the core..."
Oh tiny lovely mutant cauliflower, let your bubbling juice weep! Oh tiny lovely mutant cauliflower, come here : I will gently rock you... Your slimy skin peels away. You shiver while snoring. Sigh with your slender voice, lovely mutant cauliflower. Oh tiny lovely mutant cauliflower, you painfully spring up! Oh tiny lovely mutant cauliflower, you tenderly stick in our throats... Since always you feed oldsters, moaning nurslings... You pierce under our forks! Come here : I will gently rock you...
Yucky 00:38
While it does me good, why do without? As I can affort it... While it does me good, why do without? Long may it last... May it hold on! May it hold on! May it hold on, for the time that I need... It must go on! It must go on... and we all will turn a blind eye on it. Someone told me I was creating deboned mothers... but the reality is I have never seen them! So I do it! I'm doing it! I do it, and I do it again... I do it! I'm doing it! I do it, and I do it again...
I am still remembering our friendship, even after all those years, Wilfried... Fat talking baboon, I still can see your gapped teeth! I still imagine your swollen lips, your fat tongue trying to articulate. And I sigh... Yesterday I ran 'to you : you became a vile snob, with frills, bells and whistles. You didn't even recognize me ; your swelled-ass cockroaches inject vitamins syringes to you. They go into raptures, feed you directly in your throat! You satisfy without me, son of a bitch! I would like you to burn your money, but also to lose your friends on Facebook, to have a miscarriage and you also get bored stiff...
- I just want to sleep. Doctor, what's happening to me? - Another burnout, I'd bet on it! You have to relax, and buy slippers... - Each day I do the housework, but this scraping returns as soon as it is removed. - You have to put some order in your life. - I'd have preferred some medication, because I'm becoming lazy those days. " I have become super strong at scrubbing. I'm so pleased to be finally good at something! The problem is I'm bored shitless in my spare time... One day, however, I had considered fulfilling projects, and a dream life. This fleeting thought get through me ; I had shivered like a jelly in the wind. At last I knew what mattered to me! Finally I felt relieved. But as I'm scared of change, I watched the TV every night, and I forced myself to achieve the highest cleanliness skills... because it was the most straightforward. So please prescribe some medication! " Oh no! It’s all dirty! Oh no! Weather's not clear! Oh no! I'm going fat! Oh no! My clothes are stained!
I am unable to get blows instead of you, mother. I'm just a skinned nestling... I have a hunch that it's cold out there! Why did you decide to abandon me? They all left but me, gently drawing away while I was watching. Even the fairground didn't stay to town... As for me, I stayed even if I knew it would never return. I would like to explain what I feel, look at all aspects of it. I would like to share it, so I am sure it’s under your skin. But it doesn't work : I'm unable to communicate a single thought. Nothing gets out of me, except this barren trickle... fading away. I would like to inject it inside you, so you also get a load of spasms. I would like a less dull conversation, but all I can give you is this despicable chat. In the meantime, Let's graze ourselves! Let's roll around ditches! Let's hang onto this soft warm flesh! Do you feel the bones thrumming like a wet organic motor?
Drifting 04:33
Let's see the great abyss, my son! Let ourselves sink like drifting cobblestones... They will always have an edge over you ; It's not so bad. It's useless to struggle, my son. Let this cold water seep into you, and go with the flow... to the void. Don't be frightened : others will follow... Please show some mercy, because I buried yourself in there. I am your ill-fitting cocoon... All was already even better been done, but everything was swallowed down there. There's only an housing project wasteland left, and some great advertising to watch. Close your eyes. Very soon, we'll even forget our own body shape, who we are, where we stay. These feelings are ours, so enjoy them, share them, and let ourselves drift...


"The idea to create a band was born in 2013, when I bought my first guitar. I was 30 years old, and many of my friends already had many... But 'Better late than never'! At the beginning, it was planned to fund a live band composed of 3 persons, including my best friend. The tracks for the first album "Lovely mutant cauliflower" were composed between 2014 and 2017, and the rehearsals went on until late 2015. At this time, I had the feeling that things went too slow : we were all busy with our own projects and family lives. 10 years would have been necessary just for playing the different tracks...
I then decided to focus on recording an album myself, keeping in mind that hiring band members in the future is always a possibility.
4 years later, sometimes going the wrong way with writting, engineering, mixing and mastering the music at home in Durfort (France), struggling with the album design, "Lovely mutant cauliflower" is finally there! I hope you will enjoy it in some way. If this is the case, feel free to share!"
Jérémy Rumerio

Full album artwork available at :


released June 25, 2019

Written, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jérémy Rumerio, at home, from 2014 to 2019.
All instruments played by Jérémy Rumerio.
Album design by Jérémy Rumerio.




This frilly ape Durfort, France

This frilly ape plays a mainly sad, sometimes absurd, ironic, self-derisory, agressive, nostalgic, often pessimist, tormented, anxiety-inducing music.

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